The JUST Life


Welcome and thank you for visiting. This site is about the journey of life that I am on. My life, is married life with kids. Marriage is hard. It is a commitment that must constantly be renewed. My husband and I have been married for almost 13 years and we have certainly been through some trials. I wish I could say that love has been enough to sustain us, but it never could be. Hence, the JUST Life.

Jesus-is our foundation. We have come to realize that if we are going to last then we      must absolutely have Jesus at the center. Without our faith, our marriage would have crumbled a long time ago. We are just two imperfect people trying to make it work so we look to and follow Christ in order to stay together. That doesn’t mean we don’t mess up. We are broken, which is why need a savior.

Unity-Regardless of our differences, my husband and I are for each other. I may not agree with some of his opinions or ideas at times, but I 100% agree with the person that he is, at his core. I share in his values and his beliefs and he would say the same of me.

Sacrifice-No marriage could thrive if one or both people were completely selfish. Being married means becoming one. Therefore, we must always be willing to sacrifice for the sake of our marriage.

Trust-is so important in a marriage. Trusting your spouse promotes togetherness, intimacy and security. I know that I can trust my husband with the deepest parts of me, both good and bad. I know without a doubt that when things get tough, he will not run away. He knows that I have stood by him during his darkest hours and he can count on me to be there for him. More importantly, we both trust that God will get us through. We trust that He is always good and wants good things for us.

The honeymoon has been long over, but my husband and I continue to fight for the very thing that we believe, speaks the truth about God and that is marriage. I don’t wish to be religious, but I will not shy away from the faith that we have. I look forward to sharing what we’ve been through and what we go through on a regular basis.





Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



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